Why Do Tesla Tires Wear Out So Fast?

Though TeslaOpens in a new tab. is the most successful EV manufacturer globally, its cars have been criticized numerous times. One of Tesla’s owners’ biggest complaints is that the tires wear out too quickly, which is a cause of massive concern for them as Tesla tire replacements are expensive. So why exactly do Tesla tires wear out so fast?

Tesla tires wear out quickly if you drive the car recklessly, drift, and slam the brakes frequently. Plus, the high-performance nature of the vehicles and their size puts incredible pressure on the tires, making them more prone to wear and tear than a traditional car’s tires. 

Due to their sky-high prices, a Tesla tire wearing out is a cause of enormous disappointment and frustration. Therefore, you must know why this happens so that you can increase the tire’s lifespan and cut down on maintenance costs.

2 Major Reasons Why Tesla Tires Wear Out Quickly

Two of the most critical factors that contribute to the quick deterioration of Tesla wheels are their weight and how you drive. While the vehicle’s weight is something you cannot control in most cases, you can avoid rash driving to prevent your tires from wearing out too soon. 

1. Weight

One of the primary reasons Tesla tires wear out quicker than regular vehicles is their weight. The EV’s weight puts excessive pressure on the tires and increases the friction produced, causing them to deteriorate quicker. The weight of the battery is also immense, placing significant strain on the tires and causing high tire wear. 

2. Rough Driving

The average lifespan of a Tesla tire is roughly 30,000 miles. However, if you keep forcefully pressing the pedal after hitting the brakesOpens in a new tab. and driving roughly, the tires will degrade quicker, and you might require a replacement well before you reach the 30,000 miles landmark

The massive amount of raw power delivered to the tires makes Teslas incredibly fast, but this also makes the tires take much of the abuse, resulting in small burnouts and the rubber falling off the tire. 

4 Proven Ways To Prevent Tesla Tires From Wearing Out 

Rash driving is often one of the biggest causes of a Tesla tire wearing out soon, but even if you’re a responsible driver, you will eventually still require a tire replacement. However, you can minimize the amount of wear by periodically servicing your EV.

Using the methods mentioned below will help you avoid uneven tire wear. 

1. Check The Tire Pressure

Always keep Tesla tires adequately inflated. Otherwise, they can wear down unevenly, reducing their grip and overall lifetime. Regularly checking the tire pressure is incredibly important if you want to extend its life. 

An underinflated tire may cause the sidewall – the space between the tread and the wheel – to come into contact with the road. This contact wears down your tires quicker and decreases the tire’s grip. Checking the tire pressure won’t just increase the tire’s lifespan but also reduce the chances of an accident. 

2. Check The Wheel Alignment

A faulty wheel alignment will prevent your vehicle from traveling in the right direction. If your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off, you can expect it to pull right or left instead of traveling straight, affecting your tire’s quality. Not having the correct wheel alignment can cause the tires to rub against the road, which increases friction and tire wear.

3. Different Tires For Different Seasons

Not all Tesla tires perform well in all sorts of conditions. Tesla’s stock tires are meant to endure the summer heat in that they provide sufficient grip and can withstand the hot season. However, these tires would harden once exposed to freezing temperatures, reducing their traction and making them wear out quicker.

Therefore, you can buy winter wheels and tire packages from Tesla if you live in cold regions. 

4. Buy Tires With A High Load Rating

If you’re searching for a new tire, you must go for a tire that has a high load rating. A high-load tire helps fulfil the demands of the EV industry, particularly in supporting the higher weight of the EV due to the massive battery packs. 

A tire’s load rating is directly linked to its safety. It ensures that the excessive strain exerted on the tires during braking, cornering, accelerating, and driving over a bumpy road is absorbed as efficiently as possible.

Not only will buying a tire with a high load rating make your journeys safer and improve your handling, but it will also increase your vehicle’s range and efficiency. 

Tires with higher load ratingTires with lower load rating
Can absorb excessive strainMakes tires wear out faster
Better handling and more comfortableLess stable and comfortable
Increases vehicle’s range and efficiencyCan cause tire blowouts

Tesla Maintenance

Although Tesla tires won’t last as long as conventional vehicle tires, Tesla cars compensate customers in different ways. Tesla cars require far less maintenance than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts.

This is because Tesla, like every other EV, has fewer moving components than conventional vehicles. Therefore, you won’t need to spend money on oil or spark plug changes. 

A Tesla’s battery is also incredibly durable and can survive up to 35 years if you take good care of it. The battery also requires fewer maintenance checks than most EVs on the market. As a consequence, both your time and money are saved.


When Should I Rotate My Tesla’s Tires?

According to Tesla, you should rotate your vehicle’s tires after it has traveled 6,250 miles or when the tread depth difference reaches 2/32 inches

Can I Buy Aftermarket Tesla Wheels?

Tesla owners have various aftermarket choices, such as eBay, where they may purchase Tesla wheels individually. These alternatives may be less expensive than buying a Tesla wheel straight from the manufacturer.

How Long Do Tesla’s Tires Last?

A Tesla’s tire might need a replacement after the vehicle has driven around 50,000 km or three years, whichever comes first.


The weight of your vehicle, along with your driving skills, makes a significant impact on the lifespan of your Tesla tires. As new Tesla tires can be costly, it’s best to invest in tires with a high load capacity and avoid rash driving.

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