Can You Buy Tesla Wheels Separately?

Tesla is well-known for its innovative automobile, wheel designs, and utilization of numerous kinds of wheels in its different models. However, sometimes Tesla owners aren’t satisfied with a stock wheel’s performance; they want to buy customized wheels separately, which raises an important question: can you buy Tesla wheels separately?

There are numerous aftermarket options, such as eBay, for Tesla owners where they can buy Tesla wheels separately. These options are not only cheaper than purchasing a wheel from Tesla but they also host similar quality and performance. 

Upgrading the EV’s wheels is quite common among Tesla owners, as they can improve the vehicle’s performance and give it a better look. However, many people don’t know what they should look for. Therefore, this guide will discuss the different types of Tesla wheels you can buy and what factors to look out for in a tire

Top 2 Wheels To Add To Your Tesla

If you’re looking to get a set of aftermarket wheels for your Tesla at a reasonable price, we’ve got the perfect picks for you. Let’s dive right in: 

1. T-Sportline

T Sportline is a company that specializes in Tesla wheels and is among the most reputable manufacturer of aftermarket Tesla wheels. The good news is that this company produces wheels in various sizes, so you can always find the correct fit for your Tesla.

T Sportline also offers numerous color choices depending on the wheel’s model.

Size Of Wheels

T Sportline wheels are somewhat similar in weight to the original OEM wheels pre-installed on a Tesla. Some wheels can be a pound or two heavier, while others can be lighter, but overall, the difference in weight is barely noticeable.

Among the various size options, T Sportline offers the TS5, TSS, TST, and TSV in 18, 19, and 20-inch sizes. 

Wheel Specifications

The wheel specifications of T Sportline products follow the specifications laid down by Tesla, but they also offer a variety of alternatives. One example comes from Model 3’s 18-inch wheels that customers could order in a squared configuration, meaning that the vehicle will feature the same size wheels and tires on all four sides, or you can order the same model’s 19- and 20-inch wheels in a staggered layout.

These configurations adhere to Tesla’s specifications, so they’ll fit perfectly on your vehicle.

2. Ohm Wheels

Founded in 2020, Ohm Wheels is a subsidiary of TSW, which is regarded as one of the first manufacturers of aftermarket wheels. The firm was established in the 1960s and was led by a former F1 driver, so you can expect them to understand what it takes to manufacture a decent wheel. 

Size Of Wheels

You probably won’t note a considerable difference in size compared to the stock wheels. Much like T Sportline, Ohm Wheels’ wheels aren’t too big or too small compared to the stock OEM wheels.

However, Ohm Wheels does offer more extensive adjustments to be made on their Lightning and Proton wheels. 

Wheel Specs

Ohm Wheels’ wheels are hub centric, which means they fit perfectly over the center flanges of the rotor, ensuring that the Tesla’s wheel is aligned with the wheel bearings. This provides a more stable wheel/tire pair and a better ride.

There are different bore sizes available that follow Tesla’s specifications. This is especially useful as other Tesla models, such as the Model 3, sometimes demand a wider bore. 

How To Choose A Tesla Wheel

If you leave everything up to the vendor, the results can be disastrous. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to gain an idea about the different aspects of a wheel to become more adept at selecting the ideal wheel for your Tesla. 

Wheel Vs. Tire Size

You’ll find several aftermarket rims and tires, but it’s important to note that not all tires are meant to suit all rims. Finding the perfect match between your rims and tires can sometimes be challenging. 

Rims are frequently available in 15, 16, and 17-inch sizes. Each vehicle might require a different rim size, so it’s crucial to verify what rim size your Tesla can support before you buy new rims. 

The tire size may be printed on the side of your stock tire, and it will tell you the stock’s width, profile, rim size, and speed rating. You can also consult the owner’s handbook to know the tire specifications.

Aero Vs. Sport Wheels 

The Tesla Aero and Sport wheels are 18 and 19 inches in diameter, respectively. If you want your Tesla to look more aesthetic, you should go with the 19-inch Sport wheels. The Sport Wheels are more aggressive and athletic than the 18-inch aero wheels.

They’re also lower to the ground, which reduces the vehicle’s overall ground clearance. 

However, if you’re looking for comfortable wheels, the Aero wheels are the right choice. Since they have a lower diameter, these wheels provide a much smoother ride, even on bumpy and uneven roads. 

Aero WheelsSport Wheels
18-inch standard size19-inch standard size
Provides more comfortLess comfortable over rough roads
Standard lookAggressive look

Hub-Centric Vs. Lub-Centric Wheels

A vital thing to consider before buying aftermarket wheels is the difference between hub-centric and lub-centric wheels. Hub-centric wheels are designed to fit on a specific model, while lub-centric wheels are often broader in diameter and will have a space between the vehicle’s axle and hub. 

Lub-centric wheels will apply more stress to the lug studs, causing them to bend as the wheel slides about on the mounting plate. It can also destroy the wheel’s center bore if there is enough play for it to hit the axle.

To avoid this, aftermarket wheels often need hub-centric spacers – tiny metal or plastic rings with varying inner and outer diameters that fit within the wheel hub and then over the axle. 

Hub-Centric WheelsLub-Centric Wheels
Designed for specific modelsNeed adjustment for proper fit 
Subdues road impactsCan cause lug studs to bend
Eliminates vibration issuesCan produce excessive vibrations


How Expensive Is Changing A Tesla’s Rims?

There are numerous different rims available for a Tesla; on average, they cost around $400 to $500

How Long Will My Tesla Tires Last?

Your Tesla wheels might need a replacement once every three years. Tesla claims you will require a tire change once your vehicle has driven approximately 50,000 km

Do EVs Need Special Tires?

Since electric cars are heavier than conventional cars and have quicker acceleration, they need special tires to provide better grip and traction. An EV’s tires are also designed to reduce road noise.  


If you’re unhappy with your Tesla wheels and think you need an upgrade, you’re in luck. There are numerous aftermarket options available for you to choose from. Once you know the basics of a wheel, you’ll find it easier to find the perfect wheel for your Tesla. 

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