Are Electric Motorcycles Safer?

With electric motorcycles gaining popularity as a common means of transportation for many, you might be contemplating getting one instead of a regular bike too. The whole premise of the electric motorcycle can be tempting enough to invest in. However, there are multiple concerns surrounding the electric motorcycle, the biggest of which is, are electric motorcycles safer?

Electric motorcycles have slightly different controls and are faster than regular bikes, but are considered less safe than their counterparts. The faster speed and different controls often confuse the driver, placing e-bikes at the heart of many road accidents. 

How safe you are while riding an electric motorcycle depends on how much control you have on the bike and where you are riding it. There are certain safety tips that you should follow when on your ride. As long as you know what you are doing and are geared up, you’ll be safe. 

Is Electric Motorcycle Safer Than Regular Motorcycle?

As mentioned above, electric motorcycles are much faster than regular motorcycles. The electric motor gives enough power to travel twice as fast as regular motorcycles. Truck, car, and other regular motorcycle drivers might not be used to driving alongside a bike at such high speeds, which can lead to accidents on the road. 

The momentum of an electric motorcycle is also much higher than a traditional bike, which increases the stopping distance and leads to further accidents. It is fair to say that unless you aren’t well-versed in riding an electric motorcycle, it will be less safe for you than a regular one. 

Here is a table summarizing the percentage of different types of injuries experienced by electric motorcyclists according to a US-based studyOpens in a new tab.:

Type Of InjuryPercentage
Soft Tissue 40%
Internal 17%

Are Electric Motorcycles Safe For Seniors?

Electric motorcycles are more dangerous for seniors than regular motorcycles, particularly because of the high speed it has. Elderly people have weak reflexes and weak motor skills, which makes it harder for them to control and ride an electric motorcycle, making it dangerous for them. 

Can Electric Motorcycles Be Used In The Rain?

It is a common fact that electricity and water don’t mix well, which might lead you to believe that electric motorcycles cannot be used in the rain. Fortunately, that is not the case – electric motorcycles are designed in a way that keeps the water away from the electric motor.

However, electric motorcycles are not entirely waterproof, so you should keep your ride far away from any body of water. With that being said, you can certainly drive your bike around on a rainy day without worrying about causing any damage.

Do Electric Motorcycles Catch Fire?

Just like all electric appliances, the motor of an electric motorcycle can always short-circuit and catch fire. Similarly, there is also a chance that the lithium-ion batteries used in an electric bike can explode as they are highly combustible. However, the probability of either of these happening is extremely low, almost negligible. 

The batteries being used in electric motorcycles come from trusted dealers and have many safety systems put in place to deal with overcharging and overheating. Unless you keep your electric motorcycle in a severely pathetic condition, you don’t have to worry about it bursting into flames, especially when you are enjoying a long ride. 

How To Stay Safe While Riding An Electric Motorcycle

A few risks are associated with every vehicle, but that does not mean you should stop riding it entirely. The better way is to take the necessary safety precautions to prevent yourself from any harm while having the time of your life. Here are a few safety tips you should follow to minimize the risk associated with an electric motorcycle:

Beware Of The Traffic

As mentioned above, an electric motorcycle’s high speed can throw off other drivers as a bike is not expected to have such high speeds. This can lead to accidents, which is why you need to be more aware of your surroundings and the oncoming traffic to prevent such accidents. Try to drive in the motorcycle lane and stay a good distance away from other vehicles.

Gradually Increase The Speed

The idea of whooshing through the road on your new electric motorcycle does sound appealing. But, it can also lead to a lot of accidents, if you are not used to high speeds you can easily lose control of the electric motorcycle. As such, you should start learning to control the bike at lower speeds first and slowly increase the speed, gradually familiarizing yourself with controlling at higher speeds. 

Brake Earlier

Since the momentum of an electric motorcycle is high, the stopping distance is also more. Therefore, when you brake, you need to do that from further away than when you did traditionally to stop the bike in time. You should practice braking a few times on a safe street before you take the motorcycle out on the road and in traffic so that you are aware of the power of the brakes and can brake in time.

Keep Your Motorcycle Dry

While the electric parts of an electric motorcycle are concealed to protect against the rain, you should still take the necessary precautions to protect your motorcycle’s parts from rusting due to water or even worse, short-circuiting. If you take your bike out in the rain, make sure you dry it properly before storing it. Plus, never charge the electric motorcycle in the rain as the water may seem in the charging port. And, always keep the charger away from water or it will stop working. 


At What Age Can I Start Riding An Electric Motorcycle?

For your safety, you should start riding an electric motorcycle when you are 17 or above. It is not an easy bike to control, which is why you need to be at an age where you have strong enough reflexes to control it.

Do I Need A License To Drive An Electric Motorcycle?

Yes, you need the same license as the one needed for driving a regular motorcycle. 

Should I Wear Safety Gear While Riding An Electric Motorcycle?

Yes, regardless of what type of motorcycle you are driving, you should always wear basic safety gear to prevent injuries. 

Final Words

All in all, electric motorcycles are less safe than regular motorcycles. However, that does not mean you should not drive them at all. Simply follow certain precautions and drive under the speed limit; you’re guaranteed to have a safe and pleasant riding experience!

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